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Venue Church Family.


On May 22nd, President Trump ordered State Governors to allow all places of worship to immediately begin gathering in person. In response to some of the things President Trump said, as well as Governor Polis revising restrictions in Colorado almost daily — we have received many questions about what all of this means for Venue; specifically pertaining to gathering together in person.


Obviously, we are excited about the day when we can gather together, in person again. The gift of technology is great and the ability to gather online despite most of life being shutdown, has been a blessing; but I know many of us are ready and eager to gather together in person, as it cannot be replaced. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it may seem. There are changing variables that we have to consider and weigh through, as we move forward. In addition to those variables, we have to work through a “location puzzle”. Since we do not own a building, we are subject to the discretion of those whose building(s) we use. We are in communication with both of our locations and they are working with us to move forward.


Wisdom is paramount in all of this; so as we navigate through this difficult time, I cannot stress enough that although we are excited about gathering together, what we do not want to do is be reactive to what is happening but responsive to what God is saying. Therefore this is not something to be impetuous with.


What does all of this mean? What is the plan?


For 2000 years, the Church has responded to persecution, crisis, pandemic, and the likes — by pivoting; so when societies, governments, and nations have shutdown — the Church remained open. For ten weeks, we have pivoted and we will continue to pivot.


Our Pivot:

  • We will continue to gather together online until further notice. However, with restrictions loosening, we want to highly encourage Home Church Watch Parties for those who are comfortable. What this means is, you invite people into your home to worship, pray, receive communion, listen to the word, and share a meal together. Just like the Early Church did — just without the whole world wide web piece. It is critical for us and our witness to pay attention to and remain compliant with local orders, restrictions, etc. 

If you want to join a Home Church Watch Party but need assistance, please contact Sarah at

  • Starting June 10th, we will be hosting a class called Understanding the End Times and the Return of Jesus. This class will be hosted and led by Pastor Garrett, and taught by Pastor Lee Cummings of Radiant Church. There will be two options available: (1) in person and (2) online via Zoom. Registration is required and will be available soon. 
  • Men’s and Women's meetings will begin again in June. We are working on the logistics but these will be in person meetings.


We ask that you continue to pray for our nation and its leaders, as well as Venue Church and its leaders as we continue to navigate these times. If you need assistance with anything, have questions, or have a need, please contact us immediately. 




Garrett Prechtl

Senior Pastor 


Venue Church Family,

As the effects of COVID-19 persist, we continue to evaluate what moving forward looks like for us. 

When can and/or will we gather together again in person?

What kind of steps do we have to put in place to protect everyone when we gather in person?

Where will we gather in person?

To answer every one of those questions and any other question(s) there may be on the subject -- we don't know. Changes are happening everyday and we continue to monitor those changes, while prayerfully considering what is wise for our safety and the safety of our community; as well as our witness to our community and those outside. Although we are all eager to gather and worship, we need to remain smart and seek the counsel of the Lord for His wisdom, because there is more to consider than "are we allowed to". As a great pastor and friend of mine once said to me: just because you can, doesn't mean it is wise.

I want to encourage all of us, to not get wrapped up and caught up in the rhetoric and roar of the media. Regardless of how convincing they may be, they are not our friends and they do not represent the Kingdom that we belong to. They are being used as a wile of the enemy -- snaring us by filling our hearts with anger and anxiety, fear and worry -- creating more division among us and panic in our hearts by pointing the finger, accusation, and slander. 

Be informed, but don't be consumed.


Jesus is King. Jesus is Lord.

Garrett Prechtl

Senior Pastor



Venue Church Family,


In alignment with our governors and county officials request, request as well as the advice of healthcare specialists, we have decided to temporarily suspend all of our physical gatherings at Venue Church and move to a live, online church model. It is important during this time to remain calm and know that we are taking preventative measures to lessen the impact of COVID-19. These precautions are being put in place nationally to help manage the fixed nature of our healthcare system capacity. This decision is also a reflection of our desire to be “good neighbors” and citizens of the community around us.

At this time, we are closing our Steamboat and Hayden Campuses until further notice. We will continue to follow the recommendations of the State of Colorado, Routt County, and the Center for Disease Control for how best to respond to the developing situation.

While our locations may be closed for the time being, church is still happening! We understand this can be an unsettling time, and it’s in times like these that we are so grateful for our online church experience and the relationships that we have within our Groups. Please reach out to your Group and people you know to offer your support, encouragement, and prayer! Our hope is that our community would gather online and find other encouraging ways to connect even when it’s difficult to gather in large spaces and settings like we are used to.

Live, online services will continue to happen every at 10:00AM[MST] and can be accessed by clicking on the IN-home, ON-line Church image, on the home page. We encourage you to watch with your family and share with friends so that they can join in too. This is also a massive opportunity to bring the Presence of God right into their homes at a time when people are searching for hope. In addition to our online services, a vKids is experience in updated every week so that you can lead your children at home as well and continue their growth in the Lord. 

On our website there are multiple resources that we want to encourage you to use, including two live prayer meetings every morning and evening. The morning prayer meeting is hosted by Radiant Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan from 8:00-9:00AM[EST], Monday through Thursday and they keep them up so we can join them at any time during the day. The evening prayer meeting is hosted by Life Mission Church in Olathe, Kansas from 7:00-8:00PM[CST]. This is an excellent way for you and your family to start and finish your day; by unifying with our extended Church Families in prayer -- crying out to God for a breakthrough. Both prayer meetings can be accessed via our IN-Home, ON-Line Church page. We’ll be praying for faith to arise and continued health over our community, nation, and government as we’re all going through this unprecedented time. In Isaiah 60, God calls us to Arise, Shine, for our light has come. This is a perfect opportunity for us to help provide hope and healing to our community.  We hope that you’re able to make these powerful times of online prayer meetings a part of your family’s morning, as well as join us for our IN-Home, ON-Line service each weekend. We’re so grateful for technology that allows us to continue to have church online and know that God will still meet us as we worship together!

If you have any questions for the Venue Church team, please connect with us via direct message @VenueChurchSB or by emailing us at 

If you have questions about what is happening in Colorado or the Yampa Valley, how the virus is spread, and what we all can do to help prevent its spread, information and answers to frequently asked questions are available on the State of Colorado, County, CDC, and World Health Organizations websites:

We love you and are working tirelessly to offer you opportunities to connect with us and others online, get the help and ministry you need, and walk in peace during this time. We’re praying for continued health and safety with you all!

Garrett Prechtl

Senior Pastor