VENUE Community is a BIG deal at CHURCH. Because of this, we look to cultivate community in every way possible in order to reach and bless the community around us, as well as strengthen the community within us.


We do not approach community as an addition to our already busy lives; but as a command and blessing from God. Because of this, there are a few ways we engage in community; vGROUPS (our rendition of small groups) are essential to who we are, vSERVE (our interpretation of serving our city) and vCOMMUNITY (our church database- which is a fancy word for calendar, scheduler, and other VENUE CHURCH related stuff) 


To sign up for an event, to serve, or to register for a vGROUP - please login to our vCOMMUNITY site by clicking on the image to the right. If it is your first time, you will need to request a login.


We promise to email you a plethora of things that you have no interest in. Just kidding! You can specifiy how much information you want sent to you and that is all that you will receive.